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Books about Hacker Slang and Jargon

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Note - 1 Title in 2 Volumes

  • The On-Line Hackers Jargon Book
    Courtesy of the Gutenberg Project
    ... ROTF - rolling on the floor
    ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing
    AFK - away from keyboard
    b4 - before
    CU l8tr - see you later
    FYA - for your amusement
    GA - go ahead (used when two people have tried to type simultaneously; this cedes the right to type to the other)
    GRMBL - grumble (expresses disquiet or disagreement)
    HELLOP - hello? (an instance of the `-P' convention)
    JAM - just a minute (equivalent to `SEC....')
    MIN - same as `JAM'
    NIL - no (see {NIL})
    O - over to you
    OO - over and out
    OIC - oh, I see ...
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