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  • Thoughts on the Moscow Census
    By Count Leo Tolstoy
    A harsh social critic, although not a reformer, Tolstoy believed that his society, the Russia of the late 1800s, was absolutely corrupt and corrupting, as was all society everywhere. He believed in absolute equality and that his first duty was to abstain from living by the work of others. Refusing to take part in what he called the "organized violence" of Government, he chose to live in the same circumstances as his peasants and with them. Because of this choice, he became estranged from most of his family and remained so until the time of his death.

    Tolstoy is considered one of the most important names in Russian literature largely on the basis of his two greatest literary works: War and Peace. and Anna Karenena. This probing analysis of ills that plagued the culture of 19th century Russia reflects the insights that drove him to alter his own way of life as he tried to come to terms with the world he lived in.
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