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By Marcus Aurelius

About This Book

Marcus Aurelius would be remembered only as one more Emperor of Rome, were it not that during his lifetime he maintained a private journal, written in Greek, of his thoughts and musings — an insight into the life of the mind of a practitioner of Stoic philosophy, and the record of a mature, generous, thoughtful and humane mind. These Meditations of Marcus Aurelius constitute some of the finest advice ever written for living an upright life

About Marcus Aurelius

(121-180) The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was probably the greatest of the Stoic philosophers. When he was still a very young man, his uncle was adopted by the Emperor Hadrian and thus made the heir apparent to the ruler. The uncle in his turn adopted his philosopher-nephew who eventually became emperor.

Although much of Marcus Aurelius's time and strength were devoted to defending Rome's territories from the attacks of "barbarians" in northern Europe, he rendered much significant service to Rome in the realm of law. Under Marcus, a great deal of progress was made in alleviating the harshness of laws that applied to widows, slaves, and minors. In addition, a handbook of existing laws was compiled, systematizing the handling of administrative law. His "Meditations" were written throughout his lifetime — the private thought of a noble, kind, and just man.


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