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The Patchwork Girl of Oz

By L. Frank Baum

About This Book

     ..."Where's the butter, Unc Nunkie?" asked Ojo.
      Unc looked out of the window and stroked his long beard. Then he turned to the Munchkin boy and shook his head.
      "Isn't," said he.
      "Isn't any butter? That's too bad, Unc. Where's the jam then?" inquired Ojo, standing on a stool so he could look through all the shelves of the cupboard. But Unc Nunkie shook his head again.
      "Gone," he said....

Is Ojo unlucky? For a while he thinks it must be true. His beloved Unk Nunkie is turned into a marble statue, and he must collect all the ingredients of the magic charm that will bring him to life again. Accompanied by that magical, whimsical (and poetical!) living doll, the Patchwork Girl, Ojo travels across Oz meeting dangers and friends until . . . more magic!

About L. Frank Baum

(1856-1919) Stories told to his four young sons led L. Frank Baum The Wizard of Oz in 1900. Its success inspired a host of sequels, as well as later plays and films. Baum ultimately called himself "The Royal Historian," — and so he was. And his rulers were the generations of children and adults who have loved his wonderful stories for over hundred years! So now — here they are: Ozma and Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, The Patchwork Girl, Jack Pumpkinhead, and all the other marvelous creatures that inhabit the lands of Oz!


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