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Myths and Legends of the Sioux

By Mrs. Marie L. McLaughlin

About This Book

The Siouans (Sioux tribes) were one of the largest of the Amerind groups in what is now the United States, second only to the Algonquin in population. Their territories were mainly west of the Mississippi River, but tribes of the Sioux Nation also lived east of the Appalachian mountains in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Mississippi. There is no one set of traits or customs associated with the tribes, as their behavior, which varied according to circumstances and location.

Marie L. McLaughlin: In publishing these "Myths of the Sioux," I deem it proper to state that I am of one-fourth Sioux blood . . . My grandmother, Ha-za-ho-ta-win, was a full-blood of the Medawakanton Band of the Sioux Tribe of Indians. My father . . . .


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