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The Man In The Iron Mask

By Alexandre Dumas

About This Book

Who is the tortured soul whose face is hidden behind that dreadful mask? Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and the irrepressable D'Artagnan join to free the prisoner, break open the steel cage that hides his face, and involve themselves in an intrigue that reaches to the very crown of France!

About Alexandre Dumas

(1802-1870) A dramatist, an immensely prolific writer, and a wild spender, the French writer, Alexandre Dumas, Père, (the father, so-called to distinguish him from his writer-son, who bore the same name) was author of many dozens of successful — and some not so successful — romantic plays, farces, and dramas that were produced in Paris theaters throughout most of his life, beginning in the early 1820s.

Despite his lifelong industry, (over 1200 volumes of writing!) his earning were consumed by debt and dissipation. He lived estranged from his wife and son, and was plagued by creditors through most of his life.

Dumas, Père, is chiefly remembered now for his stories of derring-do concerning the adventures of Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and the peerless D'Artagnan: "The Three Musketeers," for "The Man in the Iron Mask," and for the long and complex book of betrayal and revenge, The Count of Monte Christo.


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