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Ways To Change the World

William James averred that we are the creators of the daily history of the world. These books help to prove that thesis.

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CLASSIC Books of Science and the Social Sciences, Listed By Title

  • Book: The Narrative of Sojourner Truth
    Dictated by Sojourner Truth to Olive Gilbert
    ...This is the autobiography of the slave Isabella, in which she describes the trials through which she attained her freedom, and the impact she made on her society through her own efforts and the force of her personality. It is a stirring, true tale of a remarkable woman and her tireless work to change the society in which she lived. It was dictated during her lifetime to her friend, Olive Gilbert, who was a member of the free community where she settled during the latter part of her life. This important book is a must-read for every American! ...
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  • Book: Thoughts on the Moscow Census
    By Count Leo Tolstoy was the same story, all the people had to be narrowly investigated before they could be helped. But unfortunates of the sort whom a gift of money would convert from unfortunate into fortunate people, there were none. Mortifying as it is to me to avow this, I began to get disenchanted, because I did not find among these people any thing of the sort which I had expected. I had expected to find peculiar people here; but, after making the round of all the apartments, I was convinced that the inhabitants of these houses were not peculiar people at all, but precisely such persons as those among whom I lived... ...
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  • Book: Twenty Years at Hull House
    by Jane Addams
    ... Illinois native Jane Addams was the daughter of a prosperous Quaker businessman. She was the founder and the backbone of Hull House, and from its base, together with labor and other reform groups, she worked tirelessly for social reform. She was involved in the passage of many early labor laws, including the abolition of child labor, the establishiment of juvenile court law, tenement house regulation, an eight-hour working day for women, factory inspection, and workmen's compensation. A well-known pacifist, she was a tireless worker for social justice, upholding the rights of immigrants, Blacks, and labor, and she supported many women's and children's causes. In 1931, she received the Nobel Prize in recognition of her pioneering social work. ...
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  • Book: Two Years in the Forbidden City
    By The Princess Der Ling
    ... When we commenced to eat, Her Majesty ordered the eunuchs to place plates for us and give us silver chopsticks, spoons, etc., and said: "I am sorry you have to eat standing, but I cannot break the law of our great ancestors. Even the Young Empress cannot sit in my presence. I am sure the foreigners must think we are barbarians to treat our Court ladies in this way and I don't wish them to know anything about our customs. You will see how differently I act in their presence, so that they cannot see my true self."...
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  • Book: Up From Slavery
    By Booker T. Washington
         ... I was born a slave on a plantation in Franklin County, Virginia. I am not quite sure of the exact place or exact date of my birth, but at any rate I suspect I must have been born somewhere and at some time. As nearly as I have been able to learn, I was born near a cross-roads post-office called Hale's Ford, and the year was 1858 or 1859. I do not know . . . ...
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