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The FREE-Zine!

Stories! Reviews! Free Books! And Trivial News!
Volume 21. Great reading and good fun in 2021

The FREE-Zine is an online literary journal filled with short stories, news, and regular features and departments. Join the games! Read our free short stories, shake your head over our irreverent movie reviews, consider our useful tips, and bone up on the Trivial News. Then jump to our Free Classics Club and download all the books you've wanted to read ever since . . . yes, that long ago! Come on in. It's completely free!

The Storytellers.
  • My Grandfather Shot Dillinger An amazing true story by Kevin Davis
  • The Journalist Darcy Moline's odd little story could have happened yesterday. Or tomorrow.
  • Secure A brief, poignant character study by new writer, Amanda Meredith
  • Asthma, Pneumonia, Zombies, and the Afterlife. Yes, I was a zombie for a couple of days, and yes, there is life after that. Whaddaya know!
  • The Cave and Peter Targa A Peter Targa story by William Angle. Follow our time manipulating hero, Peter Targa, on his latest quest.
  • A Forceful Conversion by Darcy Moline. Is it true that you must change radically before you can fight for a new cause? Is it possible that we were all Twee once?
  • Domino Down by Jack Dow and Carlos Del Castillo, the winner of our Alpha-Omega game. Have a look at the completed story.
  • Domino Two by Jack Dow and Hal Jeffries. Here's another great take on the original story — read the entry that was awarded the Special Judges Prize!
  • Black Dogs Are Loose Again by Danny Pakemwobis. What would happen to someone who really could see into the past and the future? What would he be like? What kind of things would he see? How could he tell us? Could we understand him?
  • Not Quite E-T Darcy Moline is at it again! This time with a spooky little story about an extraterrestrial . . . or two.
  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve? Can't Bear to fall in love? Can't Bear not to? Read  Love Songs for Drugstore Bears


  • The Flick Chick   She reviews the goodies, trashes the baddies, and makes nostalgic references to a few of the oldies. Do her opinionated opinions match yours?
  • Limericks Galore
  • Trivial News   It's mostly trivial, but sometimes that's the best part of the news!
  • Come to the Classics Club! All the books in the Classics Club library are yours — completely free of charge! Download the books you've always wanted to own — all in easy-to-read-on-the- computer form. So they're easy to store, easy to share. No strings. They're yours for the taking.
  • Hot Tips from Miss April May   Useful and entertaining suggestions to help you cope with life's little vicissitudes, and . . .
  • Just E-Joking   We share the best e-jokes that come to us online, and . . .
  • A brief, self-serving editorial and . . .

  • Final Words Tranquil haiku of e-thoughts to tide you through the rest of your e-day.

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