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Voters speak — at least some do . . .
at least sometimes. How about you?
Are you registered? Do you vote?

         The Census Bureau has collected voting data since 1964. And, "Most people who are registered to vote actually vote," said Amie Jamieson, one of the authors of Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2000. "Historically, the likelihood of actually voting, onceregistered, has remained high, with the peak at 91 percent in 1968."
         The voting rate of all citizens rose from 58 percent to 60 percent and their registration rate dropped slightly, from 71 percent to 70 percent, between the 1996 and 2000 elections.
          Among registered voters who failed to cast ballots, 1-in-5 reportedthey were "too busy" to vote.
         The District of Columbia, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin had the highest turnout(all around 70 percent), and Hawaii had the lowest (44 percent).Voting and registration rates were highest in the Midwest, absentee and early voting were most popular in the West, and the people most likely to go to the polls were older individuals, homeowners, married couples, and people with more schooling andhigher incomes.
          Are you registered to vote? Every election is important. Even if that's a work day for you, you can still register and apply to cast an absentee ballot. It's time to care. Time to stand up for yourself and be counted!

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