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This rousing adventure story starts with half a dozen murders. Renegades kill a group of Bluecoats and steal their names and possessions, The lone survivor vows to track them down, revenge his friends and regain his identity. But one man against a whole gang of experienced killers? Maybe that's too big a job.

And of course . . . that's the whole exciting, action-packed, and often humorous story!

About Jack Wiley

(1926-Present) Newspaperman Jack Wiley grew up in the American southwest, and he is a born story-teller. He started out as a printer, but soon graduated to selling ads and writing copy for his home-town paper. After a stint in the northeast on several big-city papers, including the Newark Star Ledger, Jack graduated to magazine editing, advertising and finally publishing a variety of monthly periodicals. Among his several adventure books, Stolen Gold, has also been published by Whitestone Press and is available here at the FreeLook BookStore.

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