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About The FreeLook BookStore

Free Books. No Strings. No Kidding

The FreeLook BookStore brings you great Classic books — in an easy-to-read format you'll find nowhere else. You can reach us from any internet-wired computer.

From anywhere in the world!

Some of our BookStore Features

  • There is no charge of any sort. Any time.
    Why? Because we love books, too. All our books are either out-of-copyright, or they have been donated by their authors and publishers for you to read free of charge.

  • All our books are in self-opening WinZip (c) format. Sorry, Apple users. We know Apple produces a great product, but until there is a Universal Zip product . . . we have to make a choice. We wish you happy reading, but we cannot offer you free reading here.

  • Parents need not worry: No pornographic material appears here — ever!

  • We also have an online newsletter and many of our stories are available nowhere else.

  • Spam Free! We really respect your privacy. You access us — we don't bug you EVER. And no information about you is ever made available to other companies or individuals!

No strings, no hidden committments. Just the books you'll love, free for the taking!

These are the books we all always meant to read: The Great Books, the nourishing books, the ones that have stood the tests of time. Always before there has been . . . well . . . something that got in the way. The library was closed. You were at the bookstore, but you were in a hurry. You're out of cash. There's just no more room in the bookcase!

No more of that! Now, at the FreeLook BookStore, you can savor those magical books and stories that have expanded the horizons and shaped the minds of generations of knowledgeable people. Download them, own them, read them, enjoy them! Take as many as you want. Store them on disk. Read them whenever you want them. Keep them forever!

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