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  • The Flick Chick reviews good films and bad. You can find New Ones and numerous more from Days of Yore!
  • Masses of good jokes!
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  • Eerie Stories
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  • Limericks written by our readers
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  WELCOME Here are the Great Classics of literature, history, philosophy . . . and the stories that made our forefathers laugh and cry. The ones you always meant to read. Here they are, waiting for you. No cost. No strings. No spam. Expand your mind!

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Browse our virtual shelves, read a little — or a lot. Then download the books you want. No waiting in line or for snailmail! Our classic E-Books are waiting for you NOW. FOR FREE!

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There's nothing like a good classic Mystery!
Why pay? Why go to the store or wait for the mail? Choose the books you want to read and download them NOW!

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Ah Romance!
It's easy to fall in love with love! Almost everyone wants to share true affection — and we love to read about those who have found the One who really cares.

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Prefer excitement?
Choose our classic books of adventure and travel.

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Tell Us About Our Yesterdays . . .
Those who will not learn from history are condemned to relive it. Because history is made up of the lives of those who have lived it, our clearest access to the past is through the writing of those who were actually there. These great books give you first-hand insights into the minds of those who were much like us, even though the times they lived in were very different indeed.

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