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Volume 19, Spring has sprung! We've books for old and young!
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Welcome to the FREE •Zine!
Enjoy original articles and short stories, both serious and trivial news, jokes, limericks and more.

Shake your head over our irreverent movie reviews. Read our poetry. Try our REALLY useful tips! Download wonderful Classic Novels.

There are even whole and original books to read online. (No amateur work. These are first-rate books, written by experienced authors) We have plenty of stuff we think you will enjoy!

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  • Hey there!
    Don't be Blue,
    Here are Jokes!
    Just for YOU!

  • The Flick Chick She praises the goodies, trashes the baddies, and makes nostalgic references to a few oldies for the home screen.
    —   The Post
    —   Three Billboards
    —   All the President's Men.
    —   Doctor Strange
    —   Wonder Woman
    —   Hidden Figures
    —   The Accountant
    —   Sully
    —   Fantastic Beasts
    —   Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot
    —   The Big Short
    —   STAR WARS 2018
    —   Bridge of Spies
    —   Seven Pounds
    —   Maleficent
    —   Chariots of Fire
    —   Tom and Viv
    —   The Imitation Game
    —   Restoration
    —   Into the Woods
    —   Woman of Gold
    —   Frozen
    —   Her
    —   Interstellar
    —   Time Bandits
    —   The Station Agent *****
    —   The Shipping News
    —   A New Leaf ****
    —   Grand Budapest Hotel
    —   Gravity
    —   Monument Men
    —   Saving Mr. Banks
    —   Foyle's War *****
    —   Lincoln
    —   Moonrise Kingdom
    —   Midnight in Paris
    —   Harry Potter # XXXIII
    —   Sherlock Holmes
    —   Julie and Julia *****
    —   More . . .
    —   Hundreds of reviews:
    funny films, serious films, foreign films. The Chick's irreverent reviews can help guide your theater and video viewing of recent flicks and those from earlier eons.

    New and Old . . .       And some from our Readers!

    Trivial News. The part of the news that's the most fun to read! C'mon in and learn what's up that's trivial.

    Funny Features

  • Try our Classics Club!
    Download great novels, mysteries, histories, SF, and volumes of short stories by the authors you've always been meaning to read! Take all you want! They're yours. They're FREE! No spam, no strings!

    Books to read FREE Online

  • Read 'em right here: Mysteries, Romance, Fantasy and Real Life. But remember . . .
  • Although they are free, we hold the copyright. Please respect the rights of these authors: do not copy, distribute or sell the contents of the book, or any part of it, or claim it as your own.

  • LOVE SONGS for
    Drugstore Bears

    on drugstore shelves,
    special price $3.
    She don't wear no underwear.
    He ain't got no collar.
    Yet their embrace
    is just as fond
    as any boutique bears'
    for be we proud or humble,
    we need someone who cares.



Free Short Stories

    FreeLook E-Zine

  • The Cave and Peter Targa. William Angle. Follow our time-manipulating hero, on his latest quest.

  • My Grandfather Shot Dillinger
    a true story by Kevin Davis, Reprinted courtesy of CityTalk Magazine, WTTW-Chicago

  • The Journalist
    by Darcy Moline

  • Asthma, Pneumonia, Zombies, and the Afterlife

  • A Forceful Conversion
    by Darcy Moline Is it true that we are changed when we take up a new cause? Is it possible that we were all Twee once?

  • Secure
    A character study by new writer, Amanda Meredith

    FreeLook E-Zine

  • Domino Down! by Jack Dow and Carlos Del Castillo, winner of our story contest! And . . .
  • Domino Two by Hal Jeffries, winner of the special Judges' Award!

    FreeLook E-Zine

  • Black Dogs Are Loose Again
    Newcomer Danny Pakemwobis asks, what if someone really could tell the future? What would become of him?

  • Not Quite E-T
    Darcy Moline's spooky little story about an extraterrestrial visitor . . . or two!

    FreeLook E-Zine USED BOOKS

    One may turn up one's nose at second-hand clothes
    (Though some people like 'em and wear'em).
    But you have to look far for a first-rate used car
    (and as for myself -- I can't bear 'em).

    Ah, but handle and look at a first-rate used book!
    Though the cover and pages are tatters
    The ideas through and through may be all glossy new.
    It's the mind of the writer that matters!

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