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Classics Club Book Installation

All Classics Club books are provided in self-extracting WinZip format, suitable for use with Windows 95 or higher. To acquire your book, download the book to a location on your computer (such as your desktop or other download area) and then execute the book to run the self-extraction and built-in installation procedure.

After installing your book, you can begin reading it by clicking on the "FreeLook BookStore" shortcut that has been added to your desktop. Then select the folder for the book you want to read, and open the book by clicking on the "Open Your Book Here" icon within the top-level book folder.

Uninstalling A Book

To uninstall the book, simply drag the top-level folder for the book to the recycling bin. No other steps are required to uninstall your book.

Notes on Reading Books

  • Books are designed to be read offline. You do not have to be connected to the internet once you have downloaded and installed your book.

  • Books contain an annotated table of contents, which will help you locate specific chapters of your book. Additionally, within each chapter, you can use the "Edit / Find" function of your browser to find specific keywords or passages.

  • All fonts and font sizes are under your control. You can increase the font of your book using the "Edit / Preferences" or "View" menu of your web browser. (Consult the "Help" button of your browser for specifics.)

  • You can print your book by using the "File / Print" menu of your web browser. You must print each chapter separately. Except for the cover page, all pages are designed to be printed on a standard black and white printer, or color printer.

  • Learn to use the "Scroll" capabilities of your browser -- many users are unaware of special capabilities for scrolling text, including support for the "Page Up", "Page Down", and "Arrow" keys. Time invested in learning about your web browser will make it much easier to read your book.

  • Use the "Bookmark" capability of your browser to add bookmarks at the location you last finished reading. You will find it much easier to resume reading again!

License Information

All content, format, and cover art is the exclusive property of FreeLook BookStore. Public domain books may not be redistributed in any fashion or form if they contain this content. If the book is not public domain, then the content of the book is the exclusive property of FreeLook BookStore or the author.

These books contain no warranty of any kind. Read the disclaimer below, and do not use this book if you disagree with any point.

FreeLook BookStore (and Project Gutenberg), disclaim all remedies for negligence or under strict liability, or for breach of warranty or contract, including but not limited to indirect, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, even if you give notice of the possibility of such damages.

Please read our terms of use before downloading any FreeLook book.

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