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    Here are the Great Classics
    of literature, and history,
    and philosophy: the stories
    that made our forefathers
    laugh and cry . . . and think.
    The books you always
    meant to read. No cost.
    No strings. No spam.
    Expand your mind! Come
    to The Classics Club

    There's nothing like a
    good classic Mystery!

    Try us. Come to The Classics Club

    Ah Romance!
    It's easy to fall in love
    with love! Try us. Come to
    The Classics Club

    Prefer excitement?
    Choose classic books
    of adventure and travel.
    Try us. Come to The Classics Club

    Tell Us About Our Yesterdays . . .
    History is made up of the
    lives of those who have
    lived it. Read first-hand
    insights into the minds of
    those who were much like
    us, even though the times
    they lived in were very
    different indeed. Try us
    Try us now. Come to
    The Classics Club


    To Read Free Online!

    Try this thrilling mystery:
    Detective John Rand is looking for a huge box of gold ingots! Because the beautiful widow doesn't care who killed her husband — just find that gold! So . . . Who dunnit? Was it the old rancher, or maybe his crazy nephew? Or was it the lawyer who's selling shares in the lost mine? Whoever it was, Rand better find the killer soon, because now his own life is on the line!
    FREE! Stolen Gold by Don Davison

    How can you recognize True Love? Lucy was a small-town girl, and he was a star-struck singer. Dare she follow his star . . . and if she does, can she still be true to her own?
    Find out FREE! Read Shadows on the Wall
    by Ana Jorges

    They Really Did Change the World! This romantic, true story of love and dedication, tells how two young people of long ago changed your life . . . and mine. Read it online! FREE! How Peter Schoeffer Changed the World by M.H. Walters

    A Cracker-jack Mystery-Western! Can you root for a nameless hero who can't tell the truth, even to save his own life? Bet you can! Bet you do! And maybe you can also handle a pack of double-dealing bad guys, gold fever,and a dark secret. But if you're up for all that, you better watch your step. And hurry! The sidewinders are already closing in! Read it online! FREE! Society of Sidewinders by Don Davison writing as Jack Wiley

    P.S. Do you like this book so well you'd like to own it? Lucky you! A Kindle version of this great is novel is now available at! SOCIETY OF SIDEWINDERS. Check it out!

    This is real life! These deeply interesting letters were written by a real man who made it through hard times and kept hold of the truly important things in life. They will fill your thoughts while they touch your heart: Read it online! FREE! The Blunt Letters by Gene Howard WELCOME

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