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It's easy to fall in love with love! Almost everyone wants to enjoy true affection — to share life with someone who understands and really cares. Have you already found your own heart-mate? Then you know it's not easy to do.

But if you're still seeking, you know that finding the right person takes patience, a willingness to open our hearts, and a world of luck into the bargain!

You can read these fascinating love stories right here online:

  • Shadows on the Wall, By Jumelle Fuller — Lucy was a hardworking girl from a small town, and he was the lover from her most passionate dreams. But his dream was only for his own future, and Lucy knew it. Will she, even so, give up her search for happiness — and turn her back on the man who really loves her, to follow her lover in search of his star?

  • How Peter Schoeffer Changed the World, By Martie Walters — Earnest young Peter Schoeffer is ready to change the world. But when he and Christina meet — their own lives change forever! This true historical story chronicles their love . . . and the way they really have changed the world we live in today.

  • The Falcon, By Ana Jorges — He found her dying in the snow, and from the moment he lifted her in his arms and their eyes met ... their fates were joined. Come what may, Ware must save and protect this woman from the terrible forces that threaten her life. Set in a misty, mythic past, this tale of epic love will send your heart and spirits soaring!

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